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Karuizawa Station and Usui-Karuizawa IC are within easy reach; also conveniently located for sightseeing.



Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

The shopping mall on the south side of Karuizawa Station is located in a vast site. It is an outlet of famous brands, with some 200 shops covering a wide range of products including interior goods, miscellaneous goods, and outdoor goods.

Harunire Terrace

In an area adjacent to elm woods are some 15 shops, including restaurants, cafes and miscellaneous item shops. It is pleasant to have a relaxed time on the terrace with the sun coming through leaves.

Kyu-Karuizawa shopping street

An area which has been favoured by foreign summer residents for many years. Together with long-established shops selling bread, jams and Karuizawa carvings, many new shops are opening indicating the trend of the era. It can be enjoyable simply to stroll through.



Shiraito waterfall

The name derives from the appearance of a waterfall where the underground water at the foot of Mt. Asama flows out of the ground in a curtain-like form, as if thin white threads were flowing down. It is known as a healing spot.

Kyu-Mikasa Hotel

This historic building has been appointed as a National Important Cultural Property. The western style building surrounded by larch trees was once called “Rokumeikan in Karuizawa”, and was used as a social venue of foreign summer residents and Japanese financial and political leaders.

Kumoba pond

One of the well-known scenic spots, with a flow of clean spring water as its source. Views of the pond which show different seasons of Karuizawa are most popular. It takes only 20 minutes to walk around the pond, so it can be a good strolling place.

Karuizawa Lake Garden

A natural garden consisting of eight areas around the Lake Leman. Seasonal flowers and a garden of different features are lovely to see.

Karuizawa Prince Hotel ski slope

Located in front of the Karuizawa Station, it consists of 10 characteristic courses, where various levels of skiers from beginner to advanced can enjoy winter sports. In addition to skiing and snow boarding, a tubing slide special course is also popular.